Relaxation and sport in a charming hotel in Le Mans

« Go, take your lessons in nature » - Leonardo da Vinci
This statement by the great man is the basis of the offer we have created for our guests: relaxation and sport. We want the sport we offer to be tailored both to our guests who have not undertaken any sporting activities for a long time and for those who have sport in their blood. The idea is to use Mother Nature as a backdrop for charging your batteries, weather permitting. In rainy weather, we have a fall back solution on hand. The park at la Groirie, near Le Mans, with its shady avenues and its lush lawns, are ideal venues for physical activity.

Relaxation services

If you are looking for relaxation, we are happy to offer you on appointment a range of different massages to help you relax, unwind and improve your well-being. The choice is yours:

  • Swedish massage,
  • Muscular relaxation: Adapted for sportspeople, the purpose is to make the muscles more supple and support muscle relaxation,
  • Japanese Lifting face massage: A genuine beauty ritual, inspired by traditional techniques, has detoxifying and lifting benefits. Your face will look rejuvenated,
  • Ayurvedic Energising massage: promotes a better circulation of energy in the body and contributes to maintaining the body’s equilibrium.
  • Cranial “letting go” massage: Provides great relaxation that spreads through the whole body.
  • Relaxing Californian massage: Uses fluid, all-encompassing movements to provide great relaxation. A genuine moment of contentment.
  • Draining, Sculpting and slimming massage: To eliminate toxins, activate the lymphatic system and smooth the skin.

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Sporting activities

To help you make the most of the magnificent outdoor spaces at la Groirie, one of the services that the Hotel de la Groirie offers you is arrangement of bookings for a sports coach, for individual or group sessions, to get in shape with fitness training. And what is fitness training? It is a method of physical exercises created by sports professionals consisting of different cardio-training, bodybuilding and stretching modules. Best practised outdoors to enjoy the benefits and joys of sport in the open air.

And if you want to pep up your training, accessories such as batons, suspension straps, battle rope, exercise bands, etc. are available for use in certain modules.

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