La Groirie
A place where luxury meets tranquility

Where time seems to slow down.
Imagine a lush greenery in the midst of the grey.
Imagine the interminable bustle being replaced by a perfect stillness.
Can you picture this? – And now let’s stop imagining and step into this reality! You can enjoy all this by visiting Domaine de la Groirie.

At the gates of Le Mans, adjoining a historic monument castle, the hotel de la Groirie is ideally situated, surrounded by expansive parklands of one hundred hectares. It sits in harmony with the surrounding woods, lawns, canals and a pond.
Unique, exceptional, refined, its 13 rooms have all been restored in 2017, offering guests a combination of charm and modernity.

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Each day La Groirie stirs our hearts

La Groirie is more than an exceptional place, a 17th century château in an expanse of greenness. It’s a place that has enchanted us, that has stolen our hearts but yet each day makes our lives richer. It is this passion that I seek to convey to those people who wish to stay in la Groirie: for me they are not ordinary customers of a hotel, they are guests whom I gladly welcome in this most important place for me.

La Groirie is waiting for you

In the heart of nature and restful tranquility, our 13 unique and exceptional rooms await your visit


La Groirie area Do you want to plunge into harmony?

La Groirie Estate hotel is housed in a building that once formed part of an historic 17th century manor house that survived the turmoil of the War in the Vendée during the French Revolution (there is a memorial plaque commemorating this event) and regained its status as a place of rest and repose in the more peaceful centuries that followed.
It is here, at the heart of this family property, in a symbiotic relationship with its harmonious natural surroundings, inspired by the beating heart of history and its ancient foundations, that the bedrooms of the Groirie hotel await you.

Your stay in Domaine de la Groirie Among historical and tourist sights

The Groirie estate is ideally located at the crossroads of the Brittany, Normandy, the Greater Paris area and Anjou-Touraine, in a Loire region rich in great historic houses.
It stands at the doorway to historic Mans - with its jewels of the ancient city and its Gallo-Roman walls, along with its recreational activities, notably the year-round racing circuit which stages the most prestigious automobile race in the world, the 24 hour Le Mans rally.

  • Gastronomic restaurants
  • Riding camp
  • Tessé museum
  • Châteaux de la Loire
  • Sports car race 24 hours of Le Mans
  • Le Mans Cathedral
  • Gallo-Roman wall
  • Normandie-Maine Regional Nature Park

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