Activities in Le Mans and in Sarthe

The hotel de la Groirie in Le Mans, ideally located an hour and a half’s drive from Paris, will offer you a change of scene and a well-earned break in the peace and calm of the Le Mans region and the Sarthe department (72). And while you are here, make the most of your stay in the hotel de la Groirie to rest or do some sightseeing, discovering beautiful venues in Le Mans and the Sarthe. In answer to the eternal question "What is there to do?", the charming hotel of la Groirie offers you a variety of activities in the region.

Do you know Le Mans and its rich heritage, and the events that take place throughout the year?

We can arrange your transfer from the station to the château de la Groirie and offer you the chance to branch out around la Groirie. Two choices are possible:

  • Car rental with “Audi Rent” starting from the station at Le Mans or from la Groirie, with rates starting from €135 (ask us about prices)
  • Private chauffeur if you prefer not to drive. We offer you a number of routes to discover, including the châteaux de la Loire, Mont Saint Michel and other wonderful sites that surround us (as an example, a 150km/5 hour package, for around €500 for a car, with the possibility of renting a larger people-carrier)

Can you imagine the Sarthe and its different variety of landscapes: the hills known as the "Alpes mancelles", the Loir valley, the “Perche sarthois” region, the “Pays d’Alençon” … ?

If the answer is no, why not try out the experience of la Groirie, Le Mans and the authentic character of the Sarthe department?

For diehard fans and lovers of motor sports, including cars and motorbikes to mention just the most well-known, the hotel de la Groirie is very close to the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit and can offer you a delightful break to unwind and relax, both far from and close to the thrilling Bugatti Circuit. This is the venue for year-round motor sport demonstrations, races and competitions (Fun Cup, the Superbike Championship of France, the 24 hour Karting event, the French motorbike Grand Prix, the ACO Festival, 23 Hours 60 moto 25 power, Le Mans Classic (in July, in even-numbered years), the Le Mans Story, the 24 Hours Truck rally, etc.

Let us know how we can indulge you, and depending on your time and your centres of interest, we will accompany you in designing a “100% Sarthe” programme to help you discover the historic, natural, authentic and hidden Sarthe. And don’t forget that Le Mans is at the crossroads of several regions and holiday destinations, and a stop at La Groirie can afford you a well-earned, welcome break!

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