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The hidden sarthe

When you stay at the hotel de la Groirie, we can help you to discover in the surrounding area the heritage, the museums and the magnificent old buildings that are the treasures of the Sarthe department (72). These places are of interest architecturally and culturally, and make up the heritage of the Sarthe. Located off the beaten track, they provide a more in-depth appreciation of the hidden Sarthe with different offers such as visits to the flagship château of the Sarthe, the Château du Lude (special rates for our guests), Solesmes Abbey, the unique collection of peonies at the Château de Sourches, and the centre for Man and the Forest, in Jupilles…

“Carnuta”, the centre for Man and the Forest

Awaiting you not far from the hotel de la Groirie, in the village of Jupilles, nestling in the heart of the outstanding Bercé forest, is “Carnuta”, the centre for Man and the Forest. “Carnuta” is a recreational and interactive space offering a voyage of discovery into the forest world. As you wander through the venerable oak trees, it soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary museum!

Malicorne Museum of Earthenware and Ceramics

The hotel de la Groirie, located between Le Mans and Angers, is an ideal starting point for a visit to the heart of the Sarthe Valley and the Museum of Earthenware and Ceramics. This museum brings to the fore the history of ceramics, with more than 5000 exhibits, produced in Malicorne and Maine. Open all year round.

The peonies at the château de Sourches

Discover the château de Sourches in the commune of Amné-en-Champagne. The château is a masterpiece of neoclassical architecture designed by Gabriel for the Marquis de Sourches, the Grand Provost of France. Our firm favourite, however, is the exceptional collection of peonies planted by its owner in the vast moats surrounding the château, which provide a multi-coloured, joyful and bright counterpoint. A scene worthy of a painter’s canvas.

Saint-Pierre de Solesmes Abbey

During your stay at the hotel de la Groirie, take time out to discover the Abbey of Saint-Pierre de Solesmes, in the village of Solesmes near Sablé sur Sarthe. This Benedictine abbey has origins dating back to 1010 and is part of the congregation of Solesmes, or the congregation of France, within the Benedictine confederation. It is a leading centre for spirituality and Gregorian chant. Only the abbatial church is open to visitors.

Château du Lude

The hotel de la Groirie in Le Mans suggests a visit to the le superb château du Lude in the commune of the same name. The château and its splendid gardens are part of the route of the Grands Châteaux de la Loire. Primarily, it is a site with a soul, being one of the rare examples of a grand château that is still inhabited. Open from April to November.

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